00:57:01 James Newton: Muting video and audio is good. Less video and less audio makes for a better meeting. Less bandwidth required for everyone.
01:06:02 Colin Leuthold: Won’t you be my robotics neighbor?
01:06:42 Colin Leuthold: 🤖
01:14:33 Randy C.: For a full list of National Drive Electric Week events in your area http://driveelectricweek.org
01:19:59 James Newton: We did a telemedicine demo with the Dexter robot arm. Really interesting remote control tech (free if you have some programming chops and a google account).
01:22:24 James Newton: No need for me to talk about it, but if anyone is interested, I made a tiny bit of progress on my Web Smart (Phone) Screen Blink Bot
01:24:01 James Newton: Here is that telemedicine demo:
01:25:16 James Newton: And this is how it was done.
02:05:31 Abhishek: Just a quick question, Can anyone pleaae suggest how will Macbook m1 laptop will be for programming microcontroller such as STM32, Arduino etc. Or should I stick to Windows laptop?

From Host–Steve K: Abhishek, you can run the Arduino IDE on any Mac or PC, or even a Chromebook. You just install the appropriate app on your computer and go. There are instructions at https://Arduino.cc/en/software. There’s also info on using the STM32.
From Greg Schumacher: “Here’s a short video showing what I accomplished today.”  https://youtu.be/XEfWt9peHV8

02:13:17 James Newton: Macs are supported for Arduino IDE, and for Platform IO and other related programming systems. Not sure about STM32 tool chain.
02:14:50 Kevin: question: What sim did you use?? Did you use deep reinforcement learning?
02:17:23 Host–Steve K: SnoCo Makerspace: https://snocomakers.org/
02:18:02 Host–Steve K: Antonio Loquercio’s website: https://antonilo.github.io/
02:19:16 kevin: that makes perfect sense. got it. pixels –> (drl) policy. cool
02:20:29 James Newton: Right! All the standard controls have a GIGO problem. Garbage In, Garbage Out.
02:20:41 Host–Steve K: RoboGames 2023: http://robogames.net/events.php
02:20:59 James Newton: Oh! I love this… a combination of traditional algos with new NN’s.
02:22:33 Host–Steve K: Contact for 10-13 year old Robotics Classes: Mr.StevesRoboticsClub@gmail.com
02:24:20 Host–Steve K: Link to info about Mr. Steve’s Robotics Club: https://bit.ly/3RvWMD9
02:27:28 James Newton: Have to drop off. Looking forward to watching the rest in video. Best wishes all.
02:46:42 Greysen Petersen: That looks like the Boston dynamics dog robot
02:49:30 carol: I have one that is half that size but has all the same moves as Spot. It is made by Yahboom, pricey but great robot.
02:50:43 Kevin: question: what RL algo(s) did you try?
02:51:59 Lloyd Moore: Great talk!! Have to run – thanks!!!!
02:52:27 Greysen Petersen: I did not notice any moving objects in the simulations. Are you going to add them later?
02:55:11 Kyle P.: When trying to simulate uncertainty, do you randomly disable a sensor during a simulation to see if it can adapt to random sensor malfunction?
02:56:21 Kyle P.: Thank you!
03:00:27 Greysen Petersen: I did not notice any moving objects in the simulations. Are you going to add them later?
03:04:32 Vincent: Very cool