YouTube Video of Meeting

10:04:31     From  John Jennings : I am

10:04:56     From  Ag7pr Jim : I am

10:08:51     From  John Jennings : I would like to bring a Roboty to Maker Faire Everett

10:38:04     From  James Newton : Sorry I’m late.

10:39:01     From  James Newton : 

10:44:15     From  Eddie : Its amazing Newton

10:44:27     From  Eddie : 🤖

10:48:21     From  James Newton :

10:54:47     From  rhettg : Up until yesterday I was a GitHub employee and can say it will be very unlikely that GitHub Pages is going away anytime soon. It’s one of the most trafficed “sites” on the Internet.

10:55:13     From  James Newton : Reacted to “Up until yesterday…” with 👍

10:55:58     From  Chas Ihler (Laptop) : another website where you can host .. if you want to host a page for your robot there is this site… this is my site on buildersdb — it is mostly designed for combat robots but.. 

11:01:54     From  James Newton : Chas, that side looks pretty cool… I’d seen it before, but I didn’t realize they would host pages for people.

11:05:08     From  James Newton : The robots in space are very cool and I’m super happy to see people working on it. But I have no clue why people want to go from one gravity well to another. Going to the moon or mars makes no sense. The Asteroids, “small bodies” are the future. I’m SO JAZZED to see a focus on those.

11:09:24     From  James Newton : NEOs (Near Earth Objects) are very numerous and contain every material we could need. The low gravity can be useful for burying living / storage spaces against radiation and micro-meteors and can be compensated for by humans with centrifuges. But starting with robots makes perfect sense. Great stuff!

11:34:41     From  James Newton : I guess it’s fair to say that these asteroids environments are SO different that it will be very difficult for us to think “outside the box” far enough to have success. The evolutionary, small robots, little bit at a time approach is best to show us what works and what we expected to work but does not. This is really smart.

11:39:24     From  James Newton : “Simulations are doomed to succeed”, but I guess the other options are just too expensive at this point. If we reach a point where robots can build basic level robots, at some point in the future, we could launch a robot making robot and then test what it makes in the actual environment.

11:40:31     From  James Newton : Well.. meteors or ICBMs…. it’s good to hit them either way, right? LOL.

12:00:45     From  James Newton : I love these problem solving robot systems! It’s amazing to me that Shakey the robot back in the early 1970s could solve object manipulation problems (via STRIPS, the first PDDL) and no hobby level robots are doing that today. I really want to support work in that area as a hobby.

12:05:56     From  James Newton : Wish I could stay for the rest of this. SO interesting and I will watch the video later! Thanks for the fascinating presentation.

12:08:28     From  Lloyd Moore : Ape Caves are in Washington

12:17:25     From  wendye : Great talk! Thanks!

12:17:31     From  Eddie : Thanks for the Talk