This chat seems incomplete, but this is a compilation of the two files that ZOOM provided from the meeting. The timestamps were overlapping, so I merged them chronologically. It could be that something got lost during the mid-meeting “glitch”. Sorry about that.

00:06:35 James Newton: That is freaking cool!

00:25:43 Seattle Robotics Society: Ask questions here if you want.

00:26:25 Bob: What kind of material did you use for the 3D parts?

00:29:05 James Newton: Doesn’t that cause more cantilevering? 

00:29:39 James Newton: Ah worth it for the range of motion?

00:30:27 Carl Ott: did you consider moving the one axis more towards the center of the robot, so that the mass distribution would be better centered on the axis of the shoulder joint?

00:30:53 James Newton: Who ever is unmuted, please mute? The echo is distracting. 

00:32:58 James Newton: A gear train to offset the shoulder drive motor from the leg would allow the motors to be closer to the axis, but… solving a problem that doesn’t cause problems is a waste. 

00:35:55 James Newton: What simulation software was that? Drake?

00:36:33 James Newton: Oh wow… that is /really/ cool. The RasPi recorder / visualizer 

00:36:52 Bob: Did you use encoders on the joints or just use the motor values?

00:37:41 James Newton:

00:38:12 James Newton: Present, not share

00:38:44 James Newton: James from San Diego. (Escondido)

00:38:58 Josh Pieper: Technically I’m in Cambridge… 😉

00:39:56 Pranav: Recently discovered this meetup group, I’m Pranav from Bellevue. Happy to be a part of this meeting 🙂

00:40:18 Hemendra Rawat: Is this thing remote controlled or you are using some path planning, obstacle avoidance algo in Pi?

00:42:07 Bill: Volun-told!

00:43:24 James Newton: Look at the SDMG Cardboard Robot. Arduino ESP, supports C programming AND JavaScript programming because the controls are via a web page the robot serves. Mobile web dev. And cheap. 

00:44:17 James Newton:

00:43:30 James Newton: Nice work! Dynamics are soooo hard.

00:44:12 Hemendra Rawat: Amazing project !!!

00:44:38 James Newton:

00:44:40 Adam Green: Wicked Cool! Thanks for sharing.

00:47:49 Mark: Hello all.  I am Mark from Bellevue and happy to be here.

00:47:59 Carl Ott: what max load you’d recommend for the Quad A1?

00:48:39 Lloyd Moore:

00:48:39 James Newton: Well… $500 is a very fair price for this, but… “too expensive” depends on my wife… sadly…

00:51:05 Carl Ott: Fantastic!

00:55:15 Hemendra Rawat: Need to leave for another meeting. Thanks for the presentation.

00:50:23 Lloyd Moore:

00:50:54 Jibin Rajan: Hello everyone! I’m Jibin from Seattle, and super excited to be here! I’m a Senior Systemes Sw Enginner at Nvidia, and I’m happy to share and learn from all of you!

00:53:01 Hemendra Rawat: Hi Everyone, I’m Hemendra from Bellevue. I recently joined this group. I’m really excited to be part of this group

00:53:18 James Newton: Greg! Always happy to hear from you.

00:55:50 James Newton: I’d like to pitch the SDMG Cardboard bot if there is time.

00:56:12 Carl Ott: Greg – which board shop do you use?

00:56:42 Adam Green:

00:56:53 Josh Pieper:

00:57:57 Josh Pieper: I’ve done that same cheapo hot plate with al heat spreader technique many times… I use a thermal camera to monitor temperature by hand, but it works plenty reliably.

01:09:03 James Newton:

01:09:22 James Newton:

01:12:32 James Newton: Break it into segments to make it easy to print on a smaller printer. 

01:14:01 Hemendra Rawat: Hi Jibin, I’m an embedded systems engineer at Microsoft.

01:14:25 Hemendra Rawat: I can help you

01:14:32 Hemendra Rawat: I have access to 3D printers

01:14:34 Jibin Rajan:

01:14:50 Jibin Rajan: +1 9797398473

01:16:29 James Newton: We can hear you… Our hosts speakers may be out.

01:18:24 Seattle Robotics Society: I can’t hear anyone.

01:18:32 Mark: I can hear everyone

01:18:43 James Newton: We can hear each other… your speakers are down.

01:18:53 Mark: Yes

01:20:05 James Newton: We can hear you, but you can’t hear us.

01:21:07 Seattle Robotics Society: This is weird.

01:21:53 Seattle Robotics Society: I’m back.

01:33:27 Jibin Rajan: Hey Everyone! It was nice meeting all of you. And I’ll reach out to folks who connected with me soon : ). Thank you all, I’ve to drop off now for another appointment. Cheers 🙂

01:35:35 James Newton: 50% recovery?

01:40:56 Seattle Robotics Society: About that. Pretty amazing, huh?

01:42:08 Greg: is the source for my PCBs.

01:44:46 Carl Ott: Thanks Greg!

01:46:28 Seattle Robotics Society: 1 minute…

01:46:51 Josh Pieper: Is that just Steve’s audio coming through?  I hear some crazy static.

01:47:13 James Newton: No static here…

01:47:32 Josh Pieper: Hah, now that you’re muted James, it went away!

01:47:47 James Newton: Oh! Sorry… maybe my typing?