Thank you for considering doing or agreeing to do a presentation to the Seattle Robotics Society. This information should give you an idea of what presenting to the SRS looks like. We hope you find us an inviting audience, and we want this to be a fun experience for you.

Our members love to hear about robots, interesting applications of technology in robotics, and interesting technology in general as it may relate to robotics. We allocate the second hour or so of our meetings to an invited technical presentation, which starts right after a short (5-10 min) mid-meeting break. After the break, you would be introduced and handed the ball to start your presentation. Plan on 45 to 60 minutes total, including questions and answers. If you need quite a bit more time, consider splitting your presentation and revisiting the subject at another meeting. After the meeting, we also would like to post your presentation slides on our website, if possible. We prefer presentations where the slides and video can be openly shared, recorded, and posted. Our meetings are recorded on Zoom and posted later on our YouTube channel

The presentation content should be mostly technical in nature, though if you have other ideas, contact us to discuss them in detail. For example, we have had presenters talk about their research around how people interact with robots, so though not strictly technical in nature, still very interesting and engaging presentations. The audience consists mostly of adults, but can have children with their parents, so keep that in mind. Please avoid sales pitches if you are presenting a technical product or service. Sharing technical product information, capabilities, applications, and doing demonstrations is perfectly fine as long as the audience doesn’t feel pressure to buy something. The goal should be to share information and experiences. If you’re interested, here’s a list of past presentations.

Our meetings are only online at this time using Zoom. We are planning to resume in-person meetings later this year in a hybrid format (virtual+in-person). If you are local to the Pacific Northwest, and we’re meeting in person, we’d love to have you come to our meeting. We will leave the choice up to you.

A week or so before our meeting and your presentation, you will receive reminder emails confirming the details and containing the Zoom link. We encourage you to use Zoom’s Chat window for questions, comments, and links along with your talk to make gathering this information easy and accurate and to allow you to field questions at your convenience. During your presentation, you should keep the Chat window open and visible so you can see things as the audience responds. We also suggest attending the entire meeting to get a feel for your audience.

Plan on joining the Zoom meeting early so we can test your setup. Zoom will be up and running at least half an hour before the meeting starts. This will gives us a chance to meet beforehand, make sure your presentation looks the way you want it to in Zoom, and address any last-minute details.

The Seattle Robotics Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, but unfortunately does not have funds to pay presenters. However, we do greatly appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences with us. Submit any questions you have to our club email at: SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)

SRS Code of Conduct

Page was last updated on 2/14/22