Monthly Meeting Video and Presentation

00:17:15 James Newton: “Frunk”? Front Trunk? Did you just coin that?

00:18:00 Steve Kaehler: No, that is actually what a front-located trunk is called. Kinda weird, huh?

00:22:32 James Newton: Steve, for your educational project, check out the SDMG Bot. Supports 3 modes of programming: 

1. Record and play back motions (easy). 

2. Program the controller (cell phone / tablet) in Javascript (medium hard). 

3. Program the ESP in C++ (arduino framework in PlatformIO, advanced). 

We are working on adding Scratch / Block programming, but that is a ways off. 

00:31:46 Greysen Petersen: We are getting an echo while the person is talking

00:32:19 Greysen Petersen: It is fixed

00:32:26 mark.jones: can you drop your github link in the chat?

00:32:45 James Newton: 

00:36:15 James Newton: Greg, your virtual background and actual background aren’t that different… LOL.

Presenter: Nicholas Fragale – 

Company website:

01:14:05 James Newton: Doesn’t the insulation on those wires eventually fail against the metal edge of that DB25 opening? 

01:14:31 James Newton: I guess with good think insulation and no movement it would be ok.

01:17:01 James Newton: Hoverboard Motors are amazing!

01:19:59 James Newton: 

01:22:08 Nick Fragale: 

01:27:50 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: How many motor controller boards required?

01:31:47 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: How is the data exchanged with the encoders or back emf?

01:32:20 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: Yes.

01:32:28 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: Protocol?

01:32:35 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: IIC?

01:32:55 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: For encoders?

01:33:25 Calvary Chapel Edmonds: Great.

01:43:06 Terry James: Any plans for an ice fishing robot?

01:48:21 Terry James: That we know of.

01:49:28 James Newton: 01:49:32 Terry James: What robotics program? Did you attend?