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00:13:15 John Jennings: Sad news, CreaMakerSpace will be closing.

00:14:48 John Jennings: It has been open for a year but the owner said he wasn’t getting enough growth to keep it running.

00:18:55 camp: 

00:19:19 James Newton: Keeping a Maker Space going is very difficult. The local one which has had great success for many many years, and is now moving into a much larger space is funded by burners taking art to Burning Man. LOL. That’s a system that actually works.

00:20:51 camp: Very awesome! :-]

00:24:49 James Newton: I want to really recommend people read this paper… from 1996, and think about the accomplishment it represents. It’s the start of Google self-driving cars, and Waymo, the only successful self driving system. And it drove from CMU to San Diego with less than 3% human help, at speeds up to 55 MPH. In 1995. With 32×30 pixels. And nothing else. (!!!) Seriously, read the paper.

00:26:35 Jon Hylands: 

00:27:25 James Newton: Also this related article:

00:27:59 Kaz Foster: These almost look like small quad batteries.

00:31:43 James Newton: 

00:33:22 Jon Hylands: The touch display I’m using: 

00:38:35 camp: 

00:42:03 James Newton: yeah it’s 100% not O for anything else…

00:44:07 James Newton: Google the “Slaughterbot” video on youtube.

00:44:23 camp: What could possibly go wrong? :-/

00:44:52 James Newton: 

00:46:26 camp: 

00:50:01 James Newton: Bend example:

00:50:33 Lloyd Moore: 

00:53:08 James Newton: The link I posted above has exactly an example of this change based image processing. VERY recommended.

00:55:53 Pat D: Another exciting event that is much closer in time and space is Teardown 2024 in Portland Or at the end of June 

00:56:23 Pat D: I can highly recommend.  They had an electron microscope set up last year

00:58:12 James Newton: Gotta run, always a joy, sorry I can’t stay Camp, but I’ll catch the presentation on youtube.

01:01:54 Keenan: For any fans of the Expanse series, I’ve been using my 3D printer again, and I had a lot of fun making the Roci ship. 

01:08:10 camp: HomeBrewed Robots! 

01:08:21 camp: HomeBrewed Robots! PDF 

01:17:07 camp:

01:31:34 Keenan: camp, I think you’re still muted

01:49:06 camp: 

01:49:21 Kaz Foster: It looks so happy!

01:50:39 Keenan: Love the robot waving as the other one goes by 🙂

01:58:53 rhettg: I’m interested in this book. Would read.

02:08:35 Keenan: Got to head out, but thank you very much!