Club Business:

We are soliciting ideas for the new website design to engage students in robotics, especially more advanced robots.  


  • Easier to update and maintain it
  • Easier to add new content and pages as needed
  • Better more modern layout and functionality
  • New content

Send ideas to SRS email address.

Round the Virtual Room sharing:

James Newton: If anyone would like, I can do a presentation on the unusual architecture of the Dexter robot arm from Haddington Dynamics:

While the current version is not (yet) open source, the prior versions have been released to the public. 20 micron precision at just under a meter. With 3D printed encoders.

The website inventory / store / pricebook idea I mentioned in the meeting:

Presentation notes:
Fully Charged Show

Facilitated Discussion led by S.D. Kaehler

I personally know people who have invested in Aptera and lost their money. I would be VERY careful about investing in that company. They have been “newcomers” for about 15 years.

“…Aptera Motors, Inc., was founded in 2005 and liquidated in 2011.” “In 2019, Aptera Motors was re-formed by the original founders”

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Virtual “Robothon Exhibition” event on July 10, 2021