00:34:04 RJK: 2023 NW Model Hobby Expo-Robotics Competition  https://nwmhe.com/ 

00:34:24 RJK: Kitsap Create 3rd Fridays

00:34:30 Chas Ihler: *In South Everett

00:34:49 RJK: https://kitsapcreate.org/wp/ 

00:35:19 Chas Ihler: https://www.meetup.com/SnoCo-Makers/ 

00:35:54 Chas Ihler: May 6th is PopCan Challenge at the Seattle Exhibition Hall 


00:36:06 RJK: https://bainbridgebarn.org/studios/electronic-and-technical-arts/ 

00:36:36 RJK: https://www.fwps.org/sunnycrest 

00:37:08 RJK: 24629 42nd Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032

00:37:57 RJK: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html 

00:40:20 RJK: http://wssef.org/ 

00:41:23 RJK: Guest Suggestion: Michael Franklin Reynolds- Micro Robots with Brain

00:41:48 RJK: mfr74@cornell.edu

00:44:36 Cheyenne Potts: Yes

00:45:09 RJK: Sushi and a singing robot at new Lynnwood restaurant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUiy9jAvJ8M 

00:55:48 RJK: https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/paint-3d/9NBLGGH5FV99?hl=en-us&gl=us 

00:55:54 RJK: https://processing.org/ 

00:58:09 Terry James: What is the Paint link for?

00:58:17 RJK: Live-stream Event: The Rise of Robotics in Orthopedics Surgery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur22EEourjI 

00:58:44 RJK: Paint Link is because he said he uses Paint. That’s all

00:59:01 Terry James: Thank you, I missed that.

01:03:54 RJK: https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-Processing-Hands-Introduction/dp/1457187086/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= 

01:04:46 Connor Egbert: cool stuff

01:05:00 Terry James: Yes, thank you for sharing.

01:08:23 Steven Kaehler: https://www.amazon.com/Alinan-Magnetic-Precision-Induction-Measurement/dp/B09QYC916Q/ref=asc_df_B09QYC916Q/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=598470968086&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18171968087728741710&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1016136&hvtargid=pla-1676979712711&psc=1 

01:08:59 Terry James: https://www.onshape.com/en/ 

01:10:01 RJK: I don’t think Onshape is free.

01:11:47 Terry James: Awesome vice adapter.

01:12:03 Terry James: Yes, OnShape is free.

01:12:45 RJK: https://www.blender.org/  is another one.

01:13:00 Terry James: Onshape is multi-platform as well.  Developed by the guy who created SolidWorks.

01:15:55 RJK: MEET ARTEMIS, a Football Playing Humanoid Robot and The Champion of RoboCup A Robot football cup https://youtu.be/BlrML14OhZI 

01:17:05 Chas Ihler: Here is the i2c multiplexer I use to switch between i2c sensors PCA9548A $6.95 https://www.adafruit.com/product/5626 

01:17:31 Colin Leuthold: Freaky

01:18:09 Colin Leuthold: I remember that.

01:18:21 RJK: https://youtu.be/-vVblGlIMgw 

01:18:31 RJK: Adam Savage https://youtu.be/-vVblGlIMgw 

01:18:47 Terry James: Since there are 8 legs per robot, 24 servos per robot + a couple body movement servos. 26 total. See link below.

01:19:28 Chas Ihler: Reacted to “Since there are 8 le…” with đŸ˜®

01:19:54 RJK: Also Jamie and Adam https://youtu.be/xcPWf9RjvnU 

01:19:59 Colin Leuthold: Array

01:20:17 Richard: To go with this..  https://youtu.be/58AmZzsvmbY 

01:21:10 RJK: Robugtix T8X Lua Programmable Spider Robot https://youtu.be/seypqHMLvK0 

01:22:24 RJK: Scientists Are Turning Dead Spiders Into ‘Necrobots’ https://youtu.be/Y8ABHOFynIA 

01:25:19 Terry James: Runaway the movie:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F19KzUZFpnM 

01:25:31 RJK: Amazing and Smart Robots Serve Thousands of Cows in Big Farms – Automatic Milking, Feeding, Cleaning https://youtu.be/bPZHR_7AbIM 

01:28:49 RJK: https://youtube.com/shorts/baGvwLVxnU4?feature=share 

01:30:10 RJK: yes

01:31:45 Colin Leuthold: Looks like Beyond Zork 1

Feature Presentation: ChatGPT & BingAI

01:39:02 Steven Kaehler:   LEGO spider from NW BrickCON 2010 mentioned by Doug B.: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7Pv3tDD4qpziPgjv6 

01:41:03 RJK: Code something in ROS2

01:43:51 Daniel Muldrew: Any general observations of answer differences between the OpenAI and Bing site implementations?

01:54:41 Emanuel: On the previous output, was there anything on 5 and 6?

01:55:53 Terry James: It changed the pins to 11 and 12

02:06:28 Terry James: It’s an Adhoc Philosopher.

02:10:29 Terry James: One could be slower to execute than the other as well.

02:15:51 Connor Egbert: X feed code back into it asking to check for bugs

in the bing demo, summarize text you provide reverse engineering alternative implementations with less required processing. https://www.looria.com/bot/BuyItForLife?q=what%27s+currently+the+best+dishwasher+for+home+use 

content creators, not taking software engineering jobs, especially after the pin 5 issue. We know better than to trust the output directly, but most are probably fine with being 80% correct.

02:24:00 Alex Kaehler: https://open-assistant.io/ 

02:25:12 Emanuel: New here, question: Does the SRS have a Discord channel?

02:25:24 Connor Egbert: I second that question

02:27:30 Steve Kaehler: An SRS Discord channel is coming soon. Richard G. and Alex K. are working this.

02:30:17 Connor Egbert: https://www.theverge.com/23599441/microsoft-bing-ai-sydney-secret-rules 

02:31:49 Connor Egbert: The list of rules that bing ai uses ^

02:34:38 Richard Greenway: https://youtu.be/1JOS6hMHIUM?t=30 

02:38:37 Emanuel: lol

02:45:00 Thank you Lloyd, for a fun and entertaining presentation!

Additional AI references from Steve Kaehler: