00:48:34 Terry James: Robothon 2023,  time 9 AM – 4 PM.

00:55:44 SDK’s Video Monitor: https://retroforth.org/ 

00:57:14 Terry James: Many astronomical telescopes still use Forth.  The telescope at Goldendale, WA uses it.

00:58:09 Terry James: Forth was also used on HP Calculators.


00:58:31 James Newton: Forth is a great little language. I wrote one many years ago on a TRS-80 (Z80 based) that used “RET” (return) as the NEXT word. The program WAS the Stack. LOL!

00:59:00 James Newton: The key is that every Forth is different. “When you’ve seen one Forth, you’ve seen one forth”

01:01:56 Terry James: Do you have to raise and lower the fence in this version of Forth?

01:02:58 Terry James: I used to work on Medical equipment that used Forth.

01:11:53 Terry James: Forth info:

01:11:54 Terry James: https://chipwits.com/2023/04/08/forth-programming-language-going-forth/ 

01:16:22 James Newton: I gotta run. Have a class to teach. Best wishes all.

01:17:42 Terry James: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJU8EL61NgA 

01:28:12 Terry James: Flying aquatic Robots:  https://oceanbites.org/a-high-flying-aquatic-robot/ 

01:59:48 Terry James: Did you try curved plates?

02:03:37 Scott: Did you try doing any of this in simulation?  If not, why not?

02:52:14 Tianyu Wang: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9811929