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00:46:09 James Newton: 

00:49:36 Colin L: 😃

00:50:54 Greg Schumacher: 

00:51:21 James Newton: They are REALLY worth watching!

00:51:33 James Newton: Very cool “tricks” used to make it reliable.

01:06:35 James Newton: The trick with training in simulation is that simulations are doomed to succeed. Meaning things will work in the simulation, but not in the real world. So you have to tie the sim back to the physical world and update the sim to be in step with reality. Digital Twin.

01:21:27 James Newton: The thing about those robots with the cables sticking out…  “ask me how I know” those are going to get caught on things and cause all sort of problems. And the key is that designing  cover for those is WAY harder than it might appear. You end up having to change your entire design to support the covers.

01:23:54 Bernardo Rocamora: In case you’re curious, the main library for point cloud is PCL:

01:24:25 Bernardo Rocamora: You can do registration, segmentation, recognition, etc.

01:35:47 James Newton: Reacted to “In case you’re cur…” with 👍

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02:22:57 Bernardo Rocamora: Colab is great as well:

02:23:58 Bernardo Rocamora: It hosts Python notebooks, but you can also ask it to generate code with AI:

02:24:38 Jon Davis: 

02:39:40 Jon Davis: off-topic, have you guys seen this tool?