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We are soliciting ideas for the new website design to engage students in robotics, especially more advanced robots.  


  • Easier to update and maintain it
  • Easier to add new content and pages as needed
  • Better more modern layout and functionality
  • New content

Send ideas to SRS email address.

Round the Virtual Room sharing:

If anyone would like, I can do a presentation on the unusual architecture of the Dexter robot arm from Haddington Dynamics:

While the current version is not (yet) open source, the prior versions have been released to the public. 20 micron precision at just under a meter. With 3D printed encoders.

The website inventory / store / pricebook idea I mentioned in the meeting:

Presentation notes:
Useful Resources to add to website:
Other Things to Share:
Virtual “Robothon Exhibition” event on July 10th, 2021

The content in this message applies to a world-wide audience of robot-builders and tech enthusiasts!

This is to announce that the SRS ( will be holding an all virtual “Robothon Exhibition”

event on July 10, 2021!!!

The concept behind this event is to demonstrate, talk about any robotics (or robotics technology-based)

project you are working on or have completed that you want to talk about – to educate the audience.

The project you present can be at any stage of development or completion – as long as you have skills

you have developed while working on it (either as an individual or in a group), it is a great candidate

project to showcase.

Some specific examples:

  • A robot build for a robot club contest entry (not just SRS contests)
  • A robot design based on your own contest idea
  • Any robot design with its own function\reason for being
  • A sub-system design that will be eventually integrated into a robot (either all hardware or
  • software or combo of hardware and software)
  • Your interest and learnings you’ve gleaned on studying/applying a specific technology (such as
  • AI\ML or computer vision)
  • Robotics education/outreach experiences and learnings

Really your imagination is the only limiting factor here – if it’s a project that is technology-based, has at

least a hint of applicability in the robotics space – you are good to go!!!

Presenters, builders can either be hobbyists or professionals at any level.

Besides the “fun-factor” of being a project presenter, it also can build valuable skills for your

professional development AND you will likely learn something new in preparing and presenting your


You can either join this event as an attendee or as a presenter/builder who wants to share their

project for education!!

Registration for the upcoming event is closed with eight presenters lined up BUT another event is planned for mid-late fall so stay tuned. Please see all details at

Thanks and see you there – July 10 at noon PDT