Battery Comparison Table

01:08:18 Chas: I can help in-person if they end up in Seattle/Bellevue or north but I rarely travel south of Seattle.

01:10:57 Lloyd Moore: If we have a member that works at Microsoft we can also look at the Microsoft Reactor rooms. We are using those for C++ hybrid meetings and working out well.

01:12:58 Gordon Greene’s iPad: Have we approached the King County Public Library?

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01:13:11 James Newton: 

01:13:25 Gordon Greene’s iPad: Alas

01:13:29 Colin Leuthold: Also a museum conference room?

01:17:17 Chas: The SnoCo Makerspace meetings are in South Everett very close to Paine Field

01:18:23 Chas: … The robotics club meetings there are in person on the first Saturday of the month at the makerspace

01:21:58 RJK: 

01:23:14 RJK: 

01:23:16 Chas: 

01:27:42 RJK: 

01:30:13 RJK: 

01:38:09 Chas: *batteries not included image was awesome ..

01:39:04 James Newton: Finished teaching the one week “live” (video) version of my robot class for Sally Ride Science / UCSD Extension yesterday. Went well.

01:40:36 James Newton: We managed to publish our Robot Programming IDE as a cloud app, so it’s available to everyone for nothing and no install needed

01:45:09 Doug Bell: 

01:45:59 Doug Bell: It’s called, “The coolest robot I’ve ever built”.

01:47:07 RJK: 

01:48:46 James Newton: Source code at:

01:51:51 RJK: Toorcamp 2024 ToorCamp, the American hacker camp, first “launched” at the Titan-1 Missile Silo in Washington State in 2009. 

01:52:37 RJK: 

01:55:01 RJK: Robots making pizza in Frisco 

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01:56:17 Colin Leuthold: But James, I cry if it’s my own robot and falling down.

01:56:48 Chas: With talk like that you’ll be in trouble during the robot uprising… 😉

01:58:46 Colin Leuthold: yes

01:59:39 Colin Leuthold: Same could be said of Short Circuit.

02:01:20 Gary Petersen: Robot getting mad (discussed earlier) 

02:20:50 Colin Leuthold: C for Coulomb?

02:21:09 Chas: 

02:28:59 Colin Leuthold: Replying to “C for Coulomb?”

I think you got it right originally with C being Charge Rate.

02:29:05 Colin Leuthold: Replying to “C for Coulomb?”!&&p=b20f80e577cc6637JmltdHM9MTY4OTM3OTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0yOWE4ZmE1OS1lZDFhLTY0YmMtMDgyYS1lOTFmZWNjNzY1OWEmaW5zaWQ9NjExOA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=29a8fa59-ed1a-64bc-082a-e91fecc7659a&psq=c+rating+for+battery&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWNvbGl0aGl1bWJhdHRlcnkuY29tL2JhdHRlcnktYy1yYXRpbmcv&ntb=1

02:39:59 Colin Leuthold: It’s about getting it into the right Hazardous Waste Stream.

02:40:36 Chas: Link to Battery Comparison Table: 

02:43:25 Scott: My local hardware store accepts end-of-life NiMH for disposal.

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02:46:18 RJK: 

02:50:34 Steven Kaehler: The term AGM battery is short for Absorbed Glass Mat.

02:54:47 Colin Leuthold: Instead of charging a fee at the disposal area, would it be better if they put a deposit on batteries like aluminum cans?

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03:02:45 RJK: Making the most of your Microcontroller 

03:04:40 Steven Kaehler:

03:14:37 James Newton: A little bit on using metric lengths:

03:17:29 Lloyd Moore: Thanks Chaz!

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03:17:37 Lloyd Moore: Chas!

03:18:23 James Newton: 

03:18:57 Chas: Link to Presentation Slides (Batteries for Robots):