00:42:05 Randy C.: A note about microphone muting on Zoom.  When you mute on the window the keyboard space bar becomes a “push to talk” switch.  Want to speak, just press space bar, when you’re done let go.

00:48:29 Meeting Monitor (SteveK): Thanks, Randy. I forgot about that feature.

01:06:16 Chas Ihler: https://www.oresat.org/ 

01:12:00 Chas Ihler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helical_antenn a

01:12:22 James Newton: Drool. Maker Spaces excite me.

01:14:30 James Newton: Anyone else really curious about Greg’s update?

01:14:37 Lawrence Harris: Not Prussa.

01:15:42 Chas Ihler: Looks like: https://www.prusa3d.com/product/original-prusa-mini-kit-2/ 

01:17:18 Lawrence Harris: Could be. Didn’t look like it says Prussia on the bed but does look like it. Thanks.

01:17:47 Chas Ihler: Agreed — hard to tell could be a clone.

Google Photos album pictures of PSU ORESat Lab tour on June 27, 2022

Presentation Starts

01:36:27 mmc: Isn’t that a normal “Steadycam”?

01:39:59 Steve Kaehler: Is the video wired or wireless?

‘01:41:05 John Myers: Says fiber optics.

01:41:24 Steve Kaehler: Ah. The “reel world” is awesome!

01:53:57 Steve Kaehler: I wonder if he’ll ever achieve “plaid speed“?

01:54:32 Steve Kaehler: Wow!!

02:03:45 Steve Kaehler: Raptor Mode to the rescue!!

02:06:54 jesse: What was the name of that website he mentioned.

02:07:08 jesse: The one with the best people on the internet

02:08:25 Steve Kaehler: https://hackaday.com/ 

02:08:58 Steve Kaehler: https://hackaday.io/ 

02:10:47 Lawrence Harris (VRC): So you train it to pickup and put your dirty cloths in the laundry hamper. Shoes in the closet etc. LOL. Gotta run. Thanks!

02:11:31 Steve Kaehler: You said “math”, which might scare small children away.

02:16:57 jesse: Nothing makes me feel more insecure than http://.

02:17:08 James Newton: https://codecombat.com/ 

02:22:28 Lloyd Moore: Have to run – great talk, thanks!!

02:30:16 Nathan Kohagen: Thank you James!