Regular meeting video. The presentation starts in Part 2 below.

00:38:04 Richard Greenway:
00:38:17 Richard Greenway: Yes, the Amica.
00:39:41 Robert: Ameca the Humanoid Robot at CES 2022
00:40:11 Robert: FIRST ROBOTICS Latest Game:
00:45:32 James Newton: Steve, what you do now is more than worth every penny we pay you… ,o) No seriously, thanks for all you do.
00:54:37 James Newton: I have one of those. Fun little unit.
00:54:54 James Newton: Chip and Ken are great people.
01:02:40 James Newton: A class I taught on G-Code if anyone wants to learn more:
01:03:37 Steve Kaehler:
01:09:46 Zia: Thanks!
01:09:54 Steve Kaehler: I appreciate you all! Thanks!
01:13:24 Zia: Any clues how the registration works for each pick?
01:17:46 Steve Kaehler: Very nice!
01:19:13 Zia: Thanks!
01:21:16 Zia: Ahhh! Nice! Local registration point! Really cool!
01:24:39 Zia: We all need that excuse 🙂
01:25:52 Richard Greenway:
01:27:25 Richard Greenway: @Steve: Do you remember Jesse who I would bring to the meetings? Here is his Pick and Place machine he built.
01:31:46 Steve Kaehler: Yes. Thanks, Richard.
01:31:53 Zia: Very cool!
01:35:09 Greg Schumacher: Air pump that can be reconfigured for vacuum – currently $12.99

Feature presentation by Miro Voellmy live from Zurich, Switzerland on ExoMy 3D-Printed Rover Project.

00:07:04 Greg Schumacher: STL, 3MF and SVG files
00:07:05 Steve Kaehler: We are now…
00:07:15 Robert: Thanks
00:08:28 Steve Kaehler: Sorry about the interruption. Everything seems to be running again.
00:13:11 James Newton: I’m curious why the center wheels can rotate?
00:13:28 Doug Bell: So that back pair of wheels are on an arm pivoted across the back, with a pivot in the middle of the back?
00:16:08 Zia: The bot can move sideways like a “crab”.
00:19:11 James Newton: Does anyone REALLY know ROS? We all try, but… “ROS is user friendly, it’s just very picky about who it’s friends with”
00:20:08 Steve Kaehler: LOL!
00:21:00 Steve Kaehler:
00:22:34 Steve Kaehler:
00:23:32 Zia: Incredible performance!
00:23:47 James Newton: Nice… I’m surprized the front doesn’t tilt more to the side.
00:25:32 Doug Bell: You mentioned the drill-like protrusion on the front had a function?
00:25:39 Steve Kaehler:
00:26:05 Zia: Amazing! Love ETH!
00:28:55 Robert: ROS or ROS2?
00:30:58 Terry James: Outstanding project and presentation.
00:31:13 Robert: What would you suggest learning?
00:32:40 Zia: How much weight can the bot handle (metric is fine )? Can I put a load on it? Max velocity? Can the “solar cell option” be made to work?
00:34:07 Zia: Cool! Thank you. What is the latency between the gamepad controller and the bot?
00:35:21 Zia: Ah great! Great work!
00:37:27 Zia: Could you talk more about how the wheels are driven?
00:37:42 Lloyd Moore: nice bot!! Thanks for showing it!
00:37:50 Zia: Second screen may have gone to sleep.
00:38:11 Zia: Yes!
00:38:16 Adam Green: Thanks for presenting this great project today! Much appreciated.
00:40:58 Zia: We did see a bot in snow 🙂 Good question.
00:41:49 Zia: What kind of software? Python or C++?
00:43:57 Steve Kaehler:
00:44:25 Zia: Great Talk!!
00:44:33 Zia: Thanks so much!!
00:44:57 Zia: What is next for this bot?
00:45:07 Zia: Version?
00:49:28 Zia:
00:49:49 Zia: Discord:Exomy
00:52:12 Zia: Wow!
00:53:08 Zia: Way to go Miro!
00:53:13 Zia: Bravo!!
00:53:35 Robert: ToorCamp, the American hacker camp JULY 13-17, 2022 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition RAPID REACT Game Animation
00:55:02 Zia: My Safari sometimes gives me a connection error that sounded similar to the one mentioned.