00:30:21 Gary Petersen: https://www.google.com/maps/place/22462+72nd+Ave+S,+Kent,+WA+98032/@47.4001177,-122.2477089,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x54905c0ad3865135:0xdbaa43c9893df415!8m2!3d47.4001177!4d-122.2455202

00:30:26 Connor Egbert: In person address


00:31:51 Chas: https://archive.seattlerobotics.org/encoder/index.php 

00:34:49 James Newton: The joys of home owner “bondage”. Like being spanked randomly for no reason. But then it’s better than what most young people can hope for in this market / economy.

00:36:14 Colin Leuthold: For Steve K.: https://ixwater.com/ 

00:37:54 James Newton: The video on the hybrid meeting isn’t so far, but the AUDIO is impossible. Check out shotgun mics and someone to point it at the speakers. 

00:42:24 RJK: https://www.fwps.org/sunnycrest 

00:42:50 Steven Kaehler: In person meetings will need to be planned with good sound  pickup in mind. I know what you’re talking about.

00:44:20 Chas: The challenge(s) I was referencing – https://robothon.org/srs-build-challenges/ 

00:44:55 RJK: You are welcome.

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00:47:19 RJK: https://www.theconstructsim.com/ 

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00:51:08 James Newton: Use LEDs on the hand, and do image subtraction!

00:51:33 Colin Leuthold: Reacted to “Use LEDs on the hand…” with 👍

00:51:45 James Newton: One frame with the LEDs on, one frame with them off, subtract pixel by pixel and ONLY the LEDs will show up. VERY easy and accurate. 

00:52:23 Greg Schumacher: https://wiki.sipeed.com/hardware/en/metasense/metasense-a010/metasense-a010.html 

00:53:45 James Newton: Use a laser line. The bright red laser light WILL show up on the black fridge with image subtraction. 

00:54:17 Gary Petersen: equip robot with Wall Texture Spray https://www.amazon.com/wall-texture-spray/s?k=wall+texture+spray 

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00:55:50 Colin Leuthold: Range finder

00:58:44 RJK: IONIQ 5 electric SUV simulation with ROS2 Humble and Ignition Fortress, 100% updated to the latest version of ROS 2, the code has the features to create your next robotics project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFUAVxE7MhM 

00:58:45 Colin Leuthold: In some of the advanced courses, they talk about GPT in robotics in The Construct.

01:00:21 RJK: They have to get FAA permission to do this.

01:00:30 James Newton: Reacted to “They have to get F…” with 👍

01:00:36 Greg Schumacher: https://youtu.be/2IzOILKvCKU?t=136 

01:00:55 James Newton: And I believe they have to use materials that will not cause issues with an aircraft.

01:02:26 Colin Leuthold: So a friend of mine at Hanford would make a balloon with GPS and send it and it ended up in the eastern US via going from WA to LA and then back northeast.

01:02:55 RJK: https://medium.com/loonar-technologies/faa-101-how-to-legally-get-your-high-altitude-balloon-to-near-space-742a0acf0c45 

01:03:02 Colin Leuthold: Los Angeles, not Louisiana.

01:03:23 Nathan Kohagen: They are still using likely internationally recognized ham radio frequencies, so not sure why the NSA and DOD can’t determine that it is an amateur radio balloon.

01:04:51 James Newton: I’m curious if anyone has played with “twisted string actuators”?

01:06:12 RJK: Don’t know why they couldn’t have used machine guns.

01:07:56 Colin Leuthold: Even shooting a vertical line through the middle of the balloon with a machine gun?

01:08:43 RJK: https://www.picoballoons.net/ 

01:09:24 RJK: https://picoballoon.org/ 

01:10:33 RJK: http://qrp-labs.com/ 

01:11:44 RJK: https://www.raspberrypi.com/news/raspberry-pi-pico-balloon-tracker/ 

01:11:56 Colin Leuthold: Self-destruct button?

01:12:57 RJK: https://duino4projects.com/how-to-make-a-picoballoon/ 

01:15:48 Nathan Kohagen: Most of the coolest tech we have is because of weapons development.

01:19:22 Nathan Kohagen: computers for ballistic trajectory calculations

V2 rocket, ICBMs -> NASA and space rockets



high performance computing for nuclear weapons simulations 

01:21:29 James Newton: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s41315-021-00198-9 

01:23:33 Nathan Kohagen: Sci-hub has that twisted string published paper that I found with the DOI:


01:23:47 Richard Greenway: https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-YAC-080000-Rotor-String/dp/B002J99IEY https://votawtool.com/collections/rotary-valve-cord-string/products/spectragreen-rotary-valve-cord?variant=34493875748999 

01:25:06 Nathan Kohagen: If anyone is concerned about the Russian domain name there are other Sci-hub sites that are not hosted there.

01:25:49 James Newton: Reacted to “Sci-hub has that t…” with 👍

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01:29:06 Richard Greenway: Of those two @James I would recommend the Votaw.  the “Yamaha” (I don’t think this is who is actually responsible for that listing) is a thicker and less flexible cordage.  The Votaw is a little thinner, probably 0.75mm and seems to be more resistant to crushing damage.  For brass rotary valves, we run the cordage through a pretty weird path to transform an arc motion in one direction to a rotation 90deg from that.

01:29:34 Richard Greenway: It also is on a lever arm with mechanical advantage, so the string can be put under some pretty high stresses.

01:30:27 RJK: https://www.theconstructsim.com 

01:31:19 Richard Greenway: And this is the other string I use or recommend which is a spectra line.  Works well also very abrasion resistant and very very low stretch.

01:31:21 Richard Greenway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0oME9mCuX8 

01:32:21 RJK: ROS and ROS2

01:34:00 James Newton: Thanks for that link Richard, I have some on order now. The stuff I will try first is this: The 200lb “size” (break strength). I ruined a shoe testing it with my weight. LOL.

01:36:12 Richard Greenway: Oh nice James!  We should trade addresses and I can send you several yards of what I have. ;-D  I might have to try your source for my applications, because rainbow strings would totally be noticed in mine. ;-D

01:37:21 James Newton: Happy to send you some spiderwire, in return for some of the Votaw.

01:37:22 Richard Greenway: Reacted to “Happy to send you so…” with 👍

01:37:52 RJK: ROS and ROS2 seems like a very hard program to understand.

01:37:54 James Newton: couple of feet? Should be enough to play with. Have to fold it in half.

01:47:28 James Newton: THis is really cool! Fun stuff. ROS: Making robots crash remotely since 1988!

01:49:55 James Newton: Wow!

01:50:55 RJK: https://starbots.robotigniteacademy.com/ 

01:52:36 Rick Tellez: Please join at https://app.theconstructsim.com/ 

01:53:31 James Newton: Ubuntu only here.

01:55:33 Rick Tellez: Get a license here: https://app.theconstructsim.com/team/1462ec57-8f5f-450f-ab6c-0af39ce68acc/share/98441029af6a0500/ 

02:00:08 James Newton: I see a heading for Basic ROS2 first, then scrolling lower for Basic ROS. 

02:01:46 James Newton: LOL. My wife says I hang out here because everyone has a white beard like me. ,o)

02:01:55 Rick Tellez: Ha ha ha

02:08:32 James Newton: The arrow to the next unit is in the lower left corner

02:10:13 James Newton: Just FYI, my terminal prompt didn’t load correctly, and I used the red x next to the “#1” to kill it and relaunch and then it was ok. 

02:10:32 Nathan Kohagen: I was registering when everyone was getting started.  What class are we in?

02:11:26 John Jennings: yes

02:11:45 Nathan Kohagen: I joined.

02:11:51 Nathan Kohagen: I just don’t know which course.

02:12:59 Nathan Kohagen: thanks

02:15:59 James Newton: SO you click on the terminal to set the focus onto it.

02:18:06 James Newton: I think if people take the time to really read through the lesson on the left, it will be really easy. Trying to go fast following between two strings is difficult.

02:19:07 Colin Leuthold: Reacted to “I think if people ta…” with 👍

02:19:08 Nathan Kohagen: The UI is really responsive!

02:19:08 James Newton: And don’t worry about not understanding every part of the commands. Half of Linux is just copying in commands and hoping for the best. LOL.

02:20:26 James Newton: The bad thing about just copying in commands is you might get tricked into formatting your hard drive. But here it doesn’t matter because it’s just a web shell. And, yes, a very responsive one. 

02:27:34 Nathan Kohagen: The license shared today will be available for a few days for us to continue to look around?

02:33:25 Steven Kaehler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9mkVFGxMFR37FTGWfZZXsg 

02:36:25 Nathan Kohagen: If Google does bad things with ROS, a lot of it can just be forked.

02:37:12 Doug Bell: How many different real robots are available to us?

02:38:38 James Newton: Like M$: Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. This may happen to ROS if Google gets into it.

02:38:44 Nathan Kohagen: The Construct has some “Robotics Theory” courses that don’t appear to be focused on ROS even if that is the platform that is used to teach.

02:39:05 Nathan Kohagen: and “Navigation” courses

02:39:14 Nathan Kohagen: “Perception”

02:41:16 Nathan Kohagen: “Manipulation”

02:43:32 James Newton: user:~/ros2_ws$ colcon build –packages-select my_package

Starting >>> my_package

— stderr: my_package

/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/setuptools/command/install.py:34: SetuptoolsDeprecationWarning: setup.py install is deprecated. Use build and pip and other standards-based tools.


02:46:44 Nathan Kohagen: There is a massive amount of course material!

02:46:56 Nathan Kohagen: Thank you for sharing with us!

02:47:24 John Jennings: Can you give examples of company’s that use ROS and how they use it?

02:49:25 Nathan Kohagen: ROS publish and subscribe is cool.

Small programs can sample sensors and then publish the results and then multiple other programs can subscribe to that.  

02:50:29 James Newton: And there are ROS interfaces for small things like Arduino… so a simple little robot can send data to a big system for doing high level ROS processing. 

02:50:41 Nathan Kohagen: I’m using Firefox.

02:51:21 Nathan Kohagen: with the javascript clipboard access blocked for security

02:52:23 Nathan Kohagen: If that causes a problem I will just use Google Chrome where I haven’t locked that down.

02:52:46 Nathan Kohagen: This has been great!

02:53:59 Nathan Kohagen: Thank you Ricardo!

02:54:24 Nathan Kohagen: Your presentation was really smooth!

02:54:42 James Newton: Great presentation, really enjoyed it.

02:54:45 Rick Tellez: rtellez@theconstructsim.com

02:54:55 Colin Leuthold: Reacted to “rtellez@theconstruct…” with 👏

02:55:35 Cailean K: Thank you!

02:56:05 James Newton: Reacted to “rtellez@theconstru…” with 👏

02:57:22 Colin Leuthold: Balloons?