00:33:30 kevin: question for all you electrical engineers and roboticists: When you have built a bunch of robots and you have tons of little capacitors, transistors, resistors, and zillions of other little things that end with ‘ors’, how do you STORE them?  what tray/locker/container/other that has all the little compartments to make this easy?  recommendations? 

00:35:54 Colin Leuthold: I would bring in empty boxes for parts that were left over from Starrett gages.

00:36:23 Colin Leuthold: Small chipboard non-static electricity producing boxes

00:36:42 James Newton: Trader Joes cookie plastic boxes. 

00:37:38 Chas Ihler: I store mine in Akromils bins and there larger bins with 4×6 cases meant for photos from Michaels

00:40:26 Tony: For me most parts are surface mount and I don’t want to take them out of the tapes, so I just keep all the parts for one project in one box

00:42:41 Colin Leuthold: Collin’s Lab shows some of those on YouTube.

00:42:50 James Newton: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1359?gclid=CjwKCAiA7vWcBhBUEiwAXieItkSQU72bGOSzvfW1y7OJid_0kIepR1cBd8I129JA7bIQD4Oyh4NwZBoCoogQAvD_BwE 

00:43:13 Colin Leuthold: Yeap, Adafruit probably has them.

00:51:23 Terry James: Did you buy them separately or as a kit?

00:54:28 James Newton: Are these the one Richard?

00:55:47 Terry James: They call those Reverse tweezers

00:55:59 Brian Mouncer: How did you usually solder surface mount?  do you use an iron, an air gun, a reflow oven?

00:56:10 Terry James: I use them for installing fine ribbon cables

00:56:17 Terry James: Because my fingers are too big

00:57:31 Terry James: Rubber tipped tweezers. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096VPTFFQ?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_dp_WNASZH46K878PA89TJDA 

00:58:45 Terry James: Smart technique Greg.

01:00:01 Brian Mouncer: I’ve never used the hot air gun. Does the air tend to push the parts off the pads?  How do you keep from doing that…

01:01:59 Terry James: What kind of hot plate did you get?

01:02:33 Terry James: No, Greg’s hot plate

01:05:33 Brian Mouncer: Anyone know of a space like that is in Redmond or the  Bellevue area?

01:06:11 Terry James: Snocomakerspace. 11604 Airport Rd Suit D200 Everett, WA 98204

01:07:02 Brian Mouncer: is your robot allowed to fly?

01:07:18 Terry James: https://www.facebook.com/snocomakers/ 

01:07:44 Terry James: No flying robots

01:08:09 Chas Ihler: @Brian Looks like the Bellevue space dropped off the face of the earth.

01:08:12 Terry James: https://Robothon.org  

01:08:27 Chas Ihler: @terry: the host messed up the DNS on server move. They’re working on it.

01:11:01 James Newton: http://robogames.net/index.php 

01:11:50 Greg Schumacher: https://buildersdb.com/events 

01:12:00 Terry James: Battery throw down.

01:13:50 Chas Ihler: Cool website Greg!

01:16:09 kevin: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PZ6BB9Z?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details 

01:18:26 Terry James: There are manufacturers that make plug-in LED incandescent replacements

01:19:23 Terry James: Good for fly tying

01:20:33 Brian Mouncer: What’s the difference between the $18 and $20 version of those mag glasses?

01:21:11 Terry James: That’s like 4-point font size display.

01:21:21 Terry James: Use your magnifying glasses.

01:22:00 Terry James: Brand & Model?

01:22:56 Chas Ihler: https://www.adafruit.com/product/4484 

01:23:04 Terry James: Adafruit appreciates your donations.

01:23:16 Gary Petersen: Brazil:  https://gugimages.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/22010027/GUG_brazil_6.jpg 

01:23:44 Brian Mouncer: This M5 stick has an even smaller screen…

01:23:48 Brian Mouncer: MakerFocus M5stack M5Stick C Plus ESP32-PICO-D4 Mini IoT Development Kit Deauther Watch Support BLE 4.2 and WiFi Big ger Screen IoT Controller for UIFlow and MicroPython and Arduino https://a.co/d/1umHRTF 

01:24:05 Chas Ihler: @brian they are pretty nifty

01:24:30 Brian Mouncer: I’ve popped the power supply.

01:24:41 Richard Greenway: https://www.osddisplays.com/ 

01:25:16 Brian Mouncer: I’ve popped the power supply on my the M5 a few times…

01:26:58 Terry James: https://www.osddisplays.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7vWcBhBUEiwAXieItio9eISoEYxaNpgc1f8s2XZfOd2y3N6QlGsxBIlVCSa6FvRzDKpYjhoCABAQAvD_BwE#offer 

01:27:03 Richard Greenway: https://www.wisechip.com.tw/en/ 

01:29:02 Richard Greenway: Richard Greenway RGreenway@nikola.com 

01:30:53 Richard Greenway: Terry: There are some videos of what the demo code did for those displays.

01:30:54 Richard Greenway: https://www.youtube.com/@Fenagogue/videos 

01:34:14 Chas Ihler: https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tca9548a.pdf?ts=1671260445113 

01:36:01 Chas Ihler: Adafruit-ized. https://www.adafruit.com/product/2717 

01:41:29 Brian Mouncer: I would add one item to the list, that you may not expect…

01:41:46 Richard Greenway: Color OLED IC Datasheet: https://newhavendisplay.com/content/app_notes/SEPS525.pdf  This is typical of the color OLED IC’s.

01:42:01 James Newton: “Hey doc, here’s a picture of my hemorrhoids, what do you think?”

01:42:58 Terry James: That’s spectacular -this one

01:43:15 Terry James: Is going on my fridge! – (doctor)

01:43:30 Richard Greenway: 😁🤣

01:43:44 Brian Mouncer: My PT for my shoulder uses a phone app called medbridge that walks you through home exercises.  but it also records the time and exercises you are doing, and reports that back to your therapist, so they know when (and what exercises you did, or skipped).

01:44:29 James Newton: “I’m glad you like it doc, it’s a real pain in my butt”

01:46:28 Terry James: Needed for space flight applications

01:48:14 Terry James: Many types / brands of exercise equipment record performance data and allow you to upload it as well.

01:49:43 Terry James: Many diabetes test meters store data and then upload it to a website and can be sent to your doctor.

01:50:44 Terry James: Rarity can also cause their wages to increase though

01:50:45 Brian Mouncer: I love the idea for follow up appointments… My parents are a 2 hour drive from some of their surgical specialists, and follow-up visits are a PITA.  and could easily be done with remote medicine.  The one thing that doesn’t work is x-rays… I want to be able to do to a local clinic to get the x-rays, and have them forwarded to the specialist 2 hours away… with a central hub for sharing those images amd records, so you aren’t locked into one hospital for services.

01:51:11 Terry James: And your wallet gets thinner.

01:52:43 James Newton: Brian, I LOVE the idea of being able to record and share my own data, outside of a locked up HMO or for profit health provider. They do have to share the data, but they do it in formats that are difficult to use. e.g. in a PDF or something, not a database. 

01:59:06 Brian Mouncer: I have a KINSA digital thermometer, and it is bluetooth connected.  I added one for my parents, and I can now see their temperatures in the family app, as well as my original use of seeing a temperature log and Tylenol for my infants so my wife can see exactly what I did while she was sleeping, and we would never double dose the kids on NSADs…

02:00:48 Brian Mouncer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_HealthVault 

02:01:51 Brian Mouncer: The transfer health records from one hospital to hospital is a billion dollar a year a business.

02:01:56 James Newton: Argh… great link Brian but now I have to trust M$ with my data? Insert picture of dude sweating over which button to push. 

02:03:33 Richard Greenway: https://www.fenchurch.org/owncloud/s/WA6TgQQZT8cFspC 

02:03:39 James Newton: Virtual meetings are great, but I found out that my TWO home BP monitors are apparently out of calibration because they are showing 140’s and at the doctors office it was 135. LOL. 

02:03:43 Brian Mouncer: The health vault no longer really exists, but it was an amazing effort to have a patient focused 3rd party records system…

02:08:37 Terry James: I bought one that is wifi connected to my phone

02:09:00 Terry James: It’s used for inspecting my ear canals

02:13:20 James Newton: I stand in the shower, with the water as hot as I can stand, and pull my ear lobe back and let the water spray in there. If I do it regularly, the wax doesn’t get so bad. It’s also an indicator that I’m not drinking enough water.

02:17:39 Terry James: Medical AI can now diagnose better than a team of 16 doctors with 150 years of accumulated experience.

02:17:51 James Newton: Hard to hear… 

02:17:55 Terry James: There are 10

02:18:34 Terry James: There are 10’s of thousands of medical papers published every year.  Impossible for doctors to keep up and read but AI scans them all.

02:24:41 Terry James: Noise-canceling earbuds might be helpful for emergency situations.  MPOW makes some very good ones that are only $35

02:25:13 Terry James: For when you get overwhelmed by very noisy environments

02:27:37 Brian Mouncer: Neuhera specializes in this type of earphone…. https://www.nuheara.com/usa/ 

02:30:00 Lloyd Moore: Hey folks have to run – great talk, best wishes and Happy Holidays!!!

02:30:13 Terry James: You too, Lloyd!

02:32:23 James Newton: I’m also going to have to turn, have to go pickup firewood. Best wishes. 

02:32:40 Terry James: Happy Holidays James

02:33:51 Terry James: Thank you for sharing.

02:34:18 Terry James: Apple Watch has fall detection for that too.

02:36:09 Terry James: Swallowable internal camera for GI imaging https://capsovision.com/us/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7vWcBhBUEiwAXieItlOje6j0QsrvZpUj4pMXkTqP-_UwT9MwcWLOhkKCL3jo_oS8x7DyKRoC5BQQAvD_BwE 

02:37:27 Terry James: One of these has a data collection belt computer that you wear for 24 hours.

02:39:33 Terry James: They create a 3D fly through video from the data.

02:40:07 Terry James: BP is pressure, EKG is electrical, usually requires a different sensor to do that.

02:40:34 Terry James: They of course can be synced.

02:41:44 Terry James: Digital stethoscopes are an application like this also:  https://shop.ekohealth.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7vWcBhBUEiwAXieItliOoE0WdlA6scaTp56ABo3gMDv2cDAoI-UM7JEw6jwDYpNH-V4SphoCxnYQAvD_BwE 

02:42:14 Terry James: They do DSP calculations on heart arrhythmia using audio analysis.

02:42:38 Terry James: And they can be used as WIFI communication devices also.

02:44:03 Brian Mouncer: How does it to the collapse pressure reading with the mems sensor?

02:49:38 Brian Mouncer: That is interesting, those ox meters work on infrared, and your skin is mostly transparent to that spectrum, regardless of pigmentation….

03:00:39 Brian Mouncer: The kinect for xbox can measure your heart rate by seeing the color change in your face every time your heart beats….

03:03:03 Brian Mouncer: They have exercise programs that use that…

03:04:58 Terry James: Xbox https://www.geekwire.com/2013/xbox-watch-kinect-detect-heart-rate-room/ 

03:05:00 Richard Greenway: https://rditechnologies.com/motion-amplification/ 

03:05:34 Terry James: https://www.fluke.com/en-us/product/industrial-imaging/sonic-industrial-imager-ii900 

03:05:43 Richard Greenway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEoc0YoALt0 

03:18:13 Terry James: https://www.ted.com/talks/dina_katabi_a_new_way_to_monitor_vital_signs_that_can_see_through_walls?language=en 

03:18:19 Terry James: Sees through walls.

03:18:30 Brian Mouncer: The technique used the calculate your heart rate from a high-speed video feed, I have also seen used to also see iris contraction and breath rate… to create a no wires lie detector….

03:20:42 Terry James: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gx55kA_Yds 

03:20:50 Terry James: Infrared monitoring.

03:20:59 Brian Mouncer: Not as accurate without skin conductivity… but no warrent or consent needed to use it in suspect interviews…

03:21:49 Terry James: Yikes.