10:14:37 From Lloyd Moore : https://colab.research.google.com/#scrollTo=Nma_JWh-W-IF 

10:16:42 From James Newton : Interactive PYthon NoteBook?

10:23:31 From Terry James : Is the plot static or can it be animated?

10:26:35 From James Newton : Chrome was bad about that as well, but got better about a month or two ago…

10:28:05 From James Newton : I promise to work on this project before the next meeting


10:31:36 From James Newton : https://hackaday.io/project/191238-jumperless 

10:31:52 From James Newton : https://youtu.be/_k0aKM68Xl4 

10:43:01 From James Newton : Is there a chat, or IRC or forum or anything like that? I have some great discord servers, but none are specific to robots

10:44:25 From Bob Cook : Maybe this will work? https://discord.gg/nq2646XB 

10:46:27 From Lloyd Moore : Juypter Lab Setup: https://jupyterlab.readthedocs.io/en/stable/index.html 

10:46:56 From James Newton : Reacted to “Maybe this will wo…” with ❤️

10:46:59 From Lloyd Moore : https://docs.ultralytics.com/ 

10:47:08 From Lloyd Moore : https://colab.research.google.com/github/ultralytics/ultralytics/blob/main/examples/tutorial.ipynb 

10:52:32 From Adam : Online programming and then saving to uC via USB MSD was the original purpose of the mbed.org but I haven’t used it in years.

10:55:52 From James Newton : Reacted to “Online programming…” with 👍

11:43:00 From James Newton : Love the idea of setting the blob colors from the ML find. Combination of old and new. 

Have you tried lower res first scan, followed by a high res confirmation of that area.

11:45:10 From Adam : Lower resolution can reduce the distance to get a strong detection.

11:48:14 From Adam : ie. You may need to be closer to the cone before it can be detected if you lower the resolution.

11:48:45 From James Newton : Reacted to “ie. You may need t…” with 👍

12:04:58 From Terry James : Great presentation.  Thank you for providing the slide deck also.

12:05:41 From Terry James : Can the links be pasted into chat?