Monthly Meeting Video and Presentation

This month’s presenter came to us live from Istanbul, Turkey! He was 11 hours ahead of us so his presentation started rather late in the evening for him. We had a great time and the presenter and presentation were well received.

00:42:54 Robert: This Meeting is archived on YouTube at SRS Clips-N-More
00:44:51 Robert: The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet (Ameca)
00:45:04 Robert: We will be meeting online as well, right?
00:46:18 James Newton: Really hope you continue online meetings, as I enjoy participating from “sunny” California. (It’s raining here)

01:33:47 Steve Kaehler: We are planning on moving to hybrid meetings (online+in-person).

00:46:31 Robert: Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform
00:48:17 Robert: Retirement community welcomes new staff member: a robot
00:48:25 Victor Reppeto: Do you have some practical purposes for these bots to propose to the kids?
00:49:35 Robert: The Future of Robotic Mobility
00:53:08 Robert: You Can Precisely Control This Robot To Play Jenga | Strictly Robots
01:01:07 Terry James: Excellent arm.
01:01:33 Joseph L Hellerstein: William – Can you point to a YouTube video of a demo?
01:02:50 Robert:
01:03:31 Robert: NEMA 23 57mm High Torque Brushless DC Motor
01:07:31 James Newton:
01:10:11 James Newton: Bill, If you want to get in touch with us at the Dexter project, you can email me: we would love to support your project.
01:14:02 Robert:
01:15:28 Robert: NW Model Hobby Expo information:

2022 NW Model Hobby Expo
Location: Evergreen State Fairgrounds located at 14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272
Location Details: NW Model Hobby Expo
Date: 04-09-2022
Check-In Time: 9:00am Saturday and Sunday
Start Time: 10:30am Saturday and Sunday
End Time: 5pm Saturday, 2pm Sunday

01:15:41 Robert:
01:17:07 Colin Leuthold: Does anybody have any experience with Epilog lasers? I am reviewing whether or not to go with them for work (laser engraving tools, so on metals, polyurethane, plastics).
01:17:38 Robert:

BattleBots Season 6
Episode 01 airs Thursday, January 6th on Discover Channel at 8 PM

01:17:56 Colin Leuthold: I almost want to go with a fiber laser engraver, based on speed and ease of use.
01:18:23 Robert:
01:19:22 Robert:
01:20:26 Terry James: Very cool, I like that they mapped the environment.
01:20:32 James Newton: Motion sickness for me. LOL.
01:32:10 Terry James: Nice accessories.
01:33:05 Terry James: CanAm
01:33:18 James Newton: Wheel in the front is a REALLY bad idea. One in the back is ok IF the car is front wheel drive.

Edit: Steve Kaehler: Nobe is planning on starting with front-wheel-drive only, but then adding all-wheel-drive, and eventually the pickup to the lineup. Of course, it makes sense to first build something that is essentially a motorcycle in order to get a viable product through all the government safety regulations so they can start delivering product and making money for the next thing. Once this is behind them, they can move forward with the next thing.

01:33:47 Colin Leuthold: yes!
01:33:52 James Newton: If you’ve watched Top Gear, you won’t ever get in a Robin.
01:40:34 James Newton: Bearings.
01:40:49 James Newton: Support the motor shaft.
01:42:33 Terry James: Is that a blocking diode or a clamp?
01:43:40 Terry James: If you end up overstretching it, you could add double sticky tape inside the track
01:46:37 Doug Bell: A Schottky diode in series with the power lead, followed by an electrolytic capacitor to the opposite power lead will allow the motor to momentarily pull the battery voltage below the capacitor voltage.
01:47:45 Terry James: Great, thank you.
01:48:23 Doug Bell: The Schottky diode has a lower forward voltage than a normal silicon diode, so doesn’t drop the battery voltage as much.
01:49:26 James Newton: Excellent points Doug. It’s good to know someone who get’s these subtitle electronics points.
01:49:41 Doug Bell: You could use an ultracapacitor for more time.
01:51:21 James Newton: Every time I try to use ultra caps I kill them… they are touchy and have such low voltage capacities.
01:57:53 Terry James: You were using ROS and not ROS 2?
02:00:27 Steve Kaehler: Mini Pupper Kickstarter
02:00:40 Steve Kaehler: World’s Largest Indoor Drone-Testing Arena
02:01:03 Steve Kaehler: Rolling a Reliant Robin
02:04:12 James Newton: Yes, I think so.
02:10:37 Steve Kaehler: Lots of Info: Search for “rosrider fximu”
02:12:23 Robert: ROSRider Robot Localization Gazebo Simulation
02:12:53 Robert: ROSRider executing waypoint given by RVIZ
02:18:57 Steve Kaehler: Nobe Electric Car (pronounced “No Bay”)
02:20:04 Terry James: Your power connector looks unusual. What is the part description?
02:20:34 Terry James: Thank you.
02:21:49 Terry James: Nice layout.
02:26:59 James Newton: Will you make a distribution or container available to quickly install on a RP4?
02:56:01 James Newton: I hope you will stay in touch and let us know when you start to make it available.
02:56:32 James Newton: Good night!
02:56:36 James Newton: Sleep well.
02:56:58 Terry James: Yes, thank. You.
02:57:22 James Newton: Ok, I have to run. Great meeting as ever. See you next time.
02:57:43 James Newton: (I have to work on my wirebot presentation, so it’s ready for July. LOL)