We will continue doing ONLINE meetings using Zoom. See the meeting announcements below for the Zoom link, presentation, and other details.

We are in the process of migrating to a new website host. All the archived content will eventually be moved over, but this will take time so please be patient.

For a number of years, we shared the location of our regular meeting with FIRST Washington. We are currently meeting only ONLINE. When in-person meetings restart, details will be posted to the website, on our Meetup page, on our Facebook page, and on the club email list. Due to no in-person activities, the FIRST Washington Field House that was located in Kent, WA was vacated on February 1, 2021. A new physical location for monthly meetings should be established when FIRSTWA acquires their new facility and things open up enough for their in-person events to reliably happen. Feel free to send past meeting pictures you’d like to share to the SRS Gmail above. Include helpful subject line text with the message.

Contact the SRS: SeattleRoboticsSociety(at)gmail.com Please include helpful subject line text.