00:11:38 James Newton: I really hope you will continue to have virtual meetings even along with the in-person meetings. Those of us in San Diego will really miss you if you go back to in-person-only meetings.

00:15:32 James Newton: https://www.dprg.org/robocolumbus-competition-2021/

00:17:16 Lloyd Moore: Looks like they are just getting going – nothing official happening yet.

00:20:10 Joel Buss: Will all this info be available offline? 

00:22:19 Tyler: Can we get a brief overview of what a Robothon is?

00:22:23 Tyler: Please 🙂

00:22:31 Joel Buss: Awesome, thanks!

00:23:51 Joel Buss: What will presentations look like?

00:23:52 Lloyd Moore: Here are some snapshots of prior in person events: https://robothon.org/event-robothon/

00:23:52 Brian park: Does this count academia work as well?

00:24:12 Lloyd Moore: We have in the past.

00:25:06 Brian park: For the talk?

00:25:09 Brian park: yes.

00:26:13 Brian park: Thank you.

00:27:58 James Newton: Parallax Inc? As in the Propeller chip? SX? The old Basic Stamp?

00:28:06 Keenan: Was the RoboMagellan event held at the previous Robothon event, or is it scheduled for Nov? 

Here are the notes from the last Robothon Committee meeting held August 19th:

No updates yet on new FIRST WA venue new location.

Discussed various hybrid meeting options (virtual+in-person, technology, etc.) when we get back together.

Robothon Exhibition post-mortem

–Donna loved it- good attendance and virtual helped.

–5 presenters worked out well – glad a couple dropped, 8 would have been pushing it a bit for time.

–Speaker time warnings were no help at all.

–Folks came from all over including Dallas, Vancouver, BC, and Ottawa. Had about online 26 attendees.

Next event

–Donna working on bringing in some others.

–Donna has a skeleton page up with registration, and sent an e-mail.

–One pre-registration so far, and Donna will present.

–Will shoot for Nov 13th for the event.

–Will be on Zoom this time.

–Event Structure: 3 slots, break, 3 slots

–Guard against no-shows (if possible) by having extras “fly stand by”.

–Will schedule a practice session again, define sometime mid-October

Now have a full example of what this is with a Youtube video.

Lloyd will host event again.

00:28:54 Lloyd Moore: RoboMagellan was typically held in both October and a summer run when we were meeting in person. When we go back to in-person, we’ll be running that one again for sure.

00:29:21 Colin: There was one that was trying to make that headset.

00:29:31 James Newton: Wasn’t there a ROS simulation presentation and I think VR was an /option/ in that.

00:31:04 Brian park: ROS gazebo has some VR tools.

00:33:22 James Newton: “Batteries… in…. space….”

00:34:45 Keenan: Nice!

00:34:47 James Newton: Love it!

00:37:35 James Newton: My nose hurts really bad when it gets cold, so I should try to build one of those myself. 

00:38:32 James Newton: Make the window smaller

00:46:39 James Newton: https://www.technipages.com/zoom-camera-is-inverted-and-video-is-backwards

00:47:13 James Newton:

  1. Click on your profile picture and go to Settings.

2. Then select Video.

3. On the preview of your camera, there’s a Rotate 90° option. Click on it until the camera image is displayed correctly.

00:48:16 James Newton: We should use something safer for energy storage… like Hydrogen! Oh… wait… “The humanity”

00:49:04 Keenan: I don’t have anything to share over/voice or video, but I wanted to share a link to a Robot Arm that I’ve been building based on a tutorial. https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/diy-arduino-robot-arm-with-smartphone-control/

00:49:32 Keenan: If you have access to a 3D printer, it’s been fun/cheap to get going.

01:12:14 Brian park: This was my first time attending SRS and I’m glad I found this group! I may have to drop off soon, but please feel free to reach out via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhbp or email: jhbp.io@gmail.com

01:14:08 Keenan: Hello!

01:17:08 Greg Schumacher: I2C to 1-wire: DS2483

01:19:23 Keenan: https://meet.google.com/hey-jxuo-esf 

01:19:38 Keenan: I think this is the one, to their Google Meet

01:20:39 Richard Greenway: I see I barely made it. ;-D

01:27:55 Brian park: NICE!

01:27:59 Jason Crawford: clap clap clap

01:31:05 James Newton:

1. Make your requirements less dumb. Your requirements ARE dumb, no matter who they came from; make them less dumb.

2. Try very hard to delete the requirement and all the things needed to meet it entirely. Delete things until you need to add things back in. If you can delete it totally, your requirement was stupid.

3. Simplify to optimize function, if you are sure you can’t delete it.

4. Go faster. If you really have to do it, and it’s as simple as it can be, do it as fast as possible.

5. Automate it away so you don’t have to do it anymore.

01:34:57 James Newton: http://techref.massmind.org/techref/begin.htm

01:35:25 Seattle Robotics Society: Google “Elon Musk Tour”

01:35:59 Jason Crawford: Please share the link to the two-hour tour.

01:36:55 Jason Crawford: (I see only a one hour tour.  It’s of “Starbase”).

01:39:05 RJK: Elon Musk reveals plans for Tesla humanoid robot for ‘boring’ tasks – YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I4DndkDfSs

01:39:30 Richard Greenway: That should be a great display, Dick!

01:39:49 RJK: Atlas | Partners in Parkour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF4DML7FIWk

01:43:56 RJK: Starbase Tour with Elon Musk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t705r8ICkRw

01:48:25 Steve Kaehler: The contest has started. https://meet.google.com/hey-jxuo-esf

01:50:59 James Newton: Here is the link to the purpose of the event:

01:51:45 Greysen Petersen: So, James, what you were saying about robots killing people in factories is that the robot uprising has started and the algorithms controlling social media apps are not showing people the deaths.

01:53:43 James Newton: I’m wondering if murder by robot has already been done. E.g. the programmer lost his girlfriend to the guy who works in the factory near the bot and… 

02:00:10 Brian park: Murder with robot’s own consciousness, I don’t think it has happened yet. Using robot as a tool to kill…I think that may happen more often than we think.

02:02:16 James Newton: yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking, Brian.

02:02:50 Brian park: Inline following, maybe this? https://www.duckietown.org/

02:02:56 James Newton: When we DO have a general level AI, and some idiot tells it to “save the earth” then it won’t really be murdering us, it will be doing what it was told. ,o)

02:04:33 Greysen Petersen: iRobot had that idea in it.

02:06:31 Brian park: There is “similar” competition hosted by Sparkfun that happens in the parking lot.

02:08:04 Brian park: Bluetooth 5.0 has directional finding. Indoor can use that I guess?

02:08:25 Brian park: 5.1*

02:08:44 Steve Kaehler: Thank you everyone for joining us today. Feel free to get on the Google Meet session linked above.

02:08:55 Richard Greenway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVZQsjJDCM

02:11:42 RJK: National Drive Electric Week

Steilacoom, WA on Sep 11, 2021

02:11:45 RJK: https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=2658

02:15:27 Brian park: Thanks everyone! Have a good weekend!