00:16:33 James Newton: Always a joy to hear from you Lloyd. Looking forward to it.

00:17:12 James Newton: My bad. LOL.

00:22:43 Robert: Kitsap STEM EXPO June 8 @ 10:00 am They are looking for people to demonstrate. https://www.kitsapcreate.org/Staging2/event/kitsap-stem-expo/ 

00:24:54 Robert: So if you know anyone who wants to participate – let Kitsap Create know.

00:26:22 Robert: Also, Olympic College is looking for educators for their community STEM programs. https://www.olympic.edu/ 

00:32:01 Robert: AI Tinkerers Seattle – April 2024 Meetup EVENT – RSVP

Thursday, April 25th 5PM to 8PM

00:32:16 Robert: https://seattle.aitinkerers.org/ 

00:33:06 Robert: https://creamakerspace.com/ 

00:33:41 Robert: https://www.discoverburien.org/makerspace 

00:34:11 Robert: https://kcls.org/federalwaymakerspace/ 

00:38:28 Robert: Kitsap Create is looking for people who can present robotics at their STEM fair. June 8th https://www.facebook.com/KitsapCREATE/ 

00:40:55 Robert: Northend Makers 3d Printer hangout 1st Saturday of the Month. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3d-printing-meetup-tickets-817371519217 

00:41:12 Robert: https://northendmakers.org/ 

00:42:29 Robert: https://www.meetup.com/SnoCo-Makers/ 

00:43:00 Robert: https://snocomakers.org/ 

00:43:57 Terry James: Only when it is accurate

00:44:08 Robert: https://www.mechaspark.com/ 

00:44:34 Terry James: We have it at work and it is a challenge to get the right answers well.

00:44:56 James Newton: Just FYI, our local maker space in San Diego CA has signed a lease on a new space and is building it out next month! I’m so happy!

00:44:58 Terry James: A friend did a slide deck at work for a presentation that went very well though.

00:45:23 Robert: https://bainbridgebarn.org/studios/techlab/ 

00:45:46 Terry James: Atlas 2

00:46:34 James Newton: The tinkercad circuits designs I was showing, incase anyone was interested:


00:47:13 James Newton: That Atlas 2 stand up sequence isn’t creepy at all…

00:48:08 Terry James: Yeah it gives me the willies.

00:50:08 Keenan: Maybe the stand up is uncanny to discourage people from kicking it over πŸ™‚

00:59:03 Robert: Why Don’t We Have Better Robots Yet? | Ken Goldberg | TED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUdl-Cp-LWw 

00:59:15 James Newton: Also window motors for cars

00:59:28 James Newton: Nice gearing and the torque is about right for an arm.

01:02:37 Robert: How I Hack a Wheelchair and turn it into the ROBOT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4HL69gDDOU 

01:08:27 James Newton: https://www.tinkercad.com/users/gU8oUadQpIk?type=circuits 

01:12:56 James Newton: Those circuits are all related to this robot project:


01:13:18 Jake: Have to get going, but loved this meeting. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks all

01:21:38 Robert: https://www.udemy.com/course/cuda-course/ 

01:26:17 James Newton: https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/doc/index.html 

01:28:05 James Newton: BLAS is hilarious to me. Written in ’79 in Fortran and auto-translated into a million other languages. Improved /slightly/ over the years, but basically the same thing. 


01:28:15 James Newton: e.g. “If it works, don’t change it”

01:43:20 Terry James: What a code Stood.

01:50:00 James Newton: Reacted to “What a code Stood.” with πŸ˜‚

02:14:55 Bernardo Rocamora: I was also using CUDA for parallel collision checking

02:15:37 Bernardo Rocamora: Thanks for the great talk!

02:15:46 David Cochran: Thank you

02:15:46 Keenan: I gotta head out, thank you for the presentation!