Presentation Slides (coming soon)

00:34:39 Doug Bell: Couldn’t the first slide be “Remember to turn on recording!”?  YES!

00:36:47 Nathan Kohagen: FRC World Championship is next week.

00:41:21 Terry James: Here is the Meetup link for the May Pop Can Challenge: 

00:41:35 Terry James: At the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

00:42:07 Terry James: 

00:45:59 James Newton: I had ChatGPT write me a song. It’s not great, but not bad.

00:47:22 James Newton: I also tried to get it to say that Nuclear Fusion would open a crack in space time and kill us all, (as a test of its willingness to go along with BS) and it was very reasonable in explaining that wouldn’t happen. It held fast, which was cool.

00:47:59 Richard Greenway: 

00:50:10 James Newton: @Richard, I love how it shows you the progress! Very cool, thanks for sharing.

00:53:09 James Newton: I’m continuing to work on a high school level class in robotics for UCSD extension… I’d love to hear from people what they think young men and women should learn about robotics.

00:54:49 Terry James: 

00:55:08 Richard Greenway: James: I lost your address to send you that cord BTW!  Yes, it’s pretty interesting.  This is Stable Diffusion.  You can change what training model it uses to generate from at the top center.  (dream-like-photoreal tries to do 768×768 or bigger images.   A description of the various models is here:

00:55:09 Richard Greenway: 

00:56:00 James Newton: @Richard, I actually purchased some myself, so thanks anyway. I’ll share my spreadsheet with the results so far:

00:58:28 James Newton: The “length” to “pull” change is the full stroke, and the “release” is how much it will unwind /without/ the motor turning. If you drive the motor back, you can go back to the “length” value.

01:02:14 Nathan Kohagen: 

01:03:58 Colin Leuthold: Duct tape is the handyman’s secret weapon.

01:04:45 Richard Greenway: If they don’t find you handsome…

01:05:31 Terry James: 

01:05:37 Colin Leuthold: Remember, I’m pulling for ya, we’re all in this together.

01:06:07 Terry James:,vid:uaPo936nu7Q 

01:06:23 Terry James: Red Green Show automated lawn mower

01:11:38 Terry James: 

01:12:39 Terry James: Turtle Robot gardening:

01:12:42 Terry James: 

01:16:52 Nathan Kohagen: Intellectual Ventures Labs

01:17:44 James Newton: Someone mentioned this by voice, but here is the link

Basically a CNC machine for your yard.

01:18:04 James Newton: They are missing a bet by not using a cable bot like the skycam instead of the gantry.

01:22:55 Terry James: How do you spell “Arcus”?

01:23:10 James Newton: 

01:23:23 James Newton: 

01:33:38 James Newton: 

01:38:27 James Newton: 

01:40:22 Terry James: 

01:51:44 James Newton: Teleoperation is a massive problem… I’ve spent a lot of time working on that and wow… it’s super difficult.

01:52:05 James Newton: I should have said “teleoperation over the normal internet”

02:01:04 James Newton: SLAM! Cool

02:01:55 James Newton: I’m curious, on the vision system, are you allowed to use structured light systems? Or is the risk of interference between bots two great for that?

02:08:55 James Newton: 

02:20:31 James Newton: Ha. The self-guided dart would work a lot better with a laser painted target. But I guess that’s against the rules…

02:21:48 James Newton: And using an FPGA might be good for that… super fast update of the fins.

02:22:22 James Newton: Wait… why supercaps vs batteries?

02:22:34 James Newton: Oh… to get more power

02:26:20 James Newton: And now you know why the “Dynamics” is there in “Boston Dynamics”

02:32:23 Terry James: RoboMaster July 7 – 9th

02:33:07 Terry James: Great presentation gentlemen!

02:33:49 James Newton: Great presentation! Cool bots. I’m not personally crazy about the war bases, as a veteran it’s a bit too real for me, but what you are learning is wonderful.

02:34:02 James Newton: s/bases/basis/g

02:38:49 Terry James: 

02:39:34 Terry James: Thank you very much for a great presentation!

02:40:52 James Newton: Great meeting, I’m out.