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Getting Started with Robotics

There are many different options for getting started with robotics, several of which are listed below.

Regardless of what you decide, or if you are having trouble making a decision, come to one of our monthly meetings; you can see what others are working on and ask questions to help you get going.

SRS Workshop Robot

The SRS Workshop Robot was designed by SRS members to be an affordable platform appropriate for beginning and intermediate robot builders. With it, you can explore robot design, construction, and programming.

The robot kit is available for purchase to anyone intersted. Workshops are offered locally, and there is a detailed manual available to robot builders who can't make it to the workshops. Please see the Workshop Robot pages for information.

Kevin's Robot

Another option for a robot project is the guide written by member, and former president, Kevin Ross.

Robotics miniFAQ for Beginners

For lots of good tips and resources, check out the Robotics miniFAQ for Beginners by John Piccirillo.

A Message From the Author
The "Robotics miniFAQ for Beginners" is a general introduction to amateur robotics that should be especially helpful to those getting started in this fascinating hobby/obsession. It contains links to sites with extensive robotic links, a guide to introductory books and magazines, a list of suppliers where you can find the specialized parts needed for robot building, a section on sensors for mobile robots, an introduction on easy-to-use microcontrollers, and a list of sites offering robot kits. All of this material, except for the kits, comes from my or my senior design students' personal experience. I hope you will find the miniFAQ useful. I update it about once a year and welcome your suggestions, comments, and criticisms.

Encoder Articles

You can find lots of information on a variety of topics in the Encoder articles. The articles on "Basics" may be useful to beginners.