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About the
Seattle Robotics Society

One great way to learn about what the SRS is involved in is to come to one of our monthly meetings.

New to Robotics?

There are many different options for getting started with robotics. Our members have put together information about several good options, which you can read about on the Getting Started page.

level 1 robot
Level 1 SRS Robot Kit

Workshop Robot

Whether you're just getting started in robotics or want to learn about more advanced topics, the SRS Workshop Robot is a great choice.

With this kit, you can explore robot design, construction, and programming. It is available for purchase to anyone intersted. Workshops are offered locally, and there is a detailed manual available to robot builders who can't make it to the workshops. Please see the Workshop Robot pages for information.


The Encoder

Our home page features the Encoder, The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society. We hope you find it informative and useful.

mini-sumo at Robothon
Mini-Sumo at Robothon 2004


Robothon is the Seattle Robotics Society's signature event. Robothon is open to the public, admission is free, and there are lots of interesting and exciting competitions. Please visit the Robothon site for details!

FIRST Washington

FIRST Washington

FIRSTWA is an organization dedicated to exposing students to the exciting possibilities of science and technology. Its primary focus is to provide opportunities for students in Washington state to participate in programs developed by FIRST.