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SRS Robot - Level 2 Parts

ItemQtyVendorPart Number
16x2 LCD1Digi-Key67-1770
DIP switch, 4-position1Digi-KeyCT2084
5k potentiometer1Digi-Key3352T-502
red LED2Digi-Key160-1708
green LED2Digi-Key160-1710
180 ohm 1/8 W resistor (brown-gray-brown)1Digi-Key180EBK-ND
680 ohm 1/8 W resistor (blue-gray-brown)4Digi-Key680EBK-ND
33k ohm 1/8 W resistor (orange-orange-orange)1Digi-Key33KEBK-ND
Sharp GP2D12 distance sensor2Mark III Robot Store 
elevated socket strip, 2x81SamtecESQ-108-34-T-D
elevated socket strip, 2x131SamtecESQ-113-34-T-D
socket strip, 2x81SamtecSSQ-108-02-T-D
socket strip, 2x131SamtecSSQ-113-02-T-D
2x7 .1" male header1Jameco118455
14-contact IDC socket connector1Jameco153947
14-contact IDC DIP connector1Jameco42657
4-40 x 1/4" machine screw4McMaster-Carr90272A106
4-40 nut4McMaster-Carr90480A005
2-56 x 1/2" standoff (F-F 3/16" OD)4McMaster-Carr91780A107
2-56 x 1/4" machine screw8McMaster-Carr91772A077
velcro, 1/2" x 2", adhesive-back1McMaster-Carr9273K173
14-conductor ribbon cable, 8"1Jameco37671
cable for Sharp sensor2Mark III Robot Store 
solid hook-up wire, 2' black1Jameco36791
solid hook-up wire, 2' red1Jameco36855
solid hook-up wire, 4' white1Jameco36880
solid hook-up wire, 4' yellow1Jameco36919

Optional Booster Kits

There may be optional "booster kits" for this level. Check back for updates.

SRS Robot Level 2 Data Sheets

The following links are for data sheets for components in the Level 2 Kit.