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SRS Robot Level 1 Parts

ItemQtyVendorPart Number
Fairchild QRB1134 light sensor2Digi-KeyQRB1134
ARC 1.1 PCB1Barello.netARC-01
ATMEGA16-16PC microcontroller1Digi-KeyATMEGA16-16PC-ND
TI 754410 H-bridge1Digi-Key296-9911-5-ND
RS232 driver1Future ElectronicsSP232ACP
LM2940CT-5.0 voltage regulator1Future ElectronicsLM2940CT-5.0
ZTT-16.0MX ceramic resonator1Digi-KeyX908-ND
red LED1Digi-Key160-1708
green LED1Digi-Key160-1710
47 uf 16v electrolytic capacitor3Digi-KeyP11196-ND
.1 uf ceramic Z7T .1" capacitor8Digi-KeyP4924-ND
diode, 1A1Digi-Key1N4001GCT-ND
180 ohm 1/8 W resistor (brown-gray-brown)3Digi-Key180EBK-ND
330 ohm 1/8 W resistor (orange-orange-brown)3Digi-Key330EBK-ND
680 ohm 1/8 W resistor (blue-gray-brown)2Digi-Key680EBK-ND
1k ohm 1/8 W resistor (brown-black-red)2Digi-Key1.0KEBK-ND
4.7k ohm 1/8 W resistor (yellow-violet-red)3Digi-Key4.7KEBK-ND
40 pin DIP socket1Jameco112310
16 pin DIP socket2Jameco112221
DB25 solder cup male1Jameco15114
DB9 solder cup female1Jameco15771
10-contact IDC socket connector2Jameco32491
1x3 .1" boardmount socket2SamtecSSW-103-01-T-S
1x4 .1" boardmount socket3SamtecSSW-104-01-T-S
1x3 .1" male header3Jameco103341
2x3 .1" male header2Jameco115035
2x5 .1" male header1Jameco67820
2x5 .1" right angle male header1Jameco203932
1x3 .1" connector housing2Jameco157382
female crimp pin7Jameco100765
switch, SPDT, PCB mount1Digi-KeyEG1903-ND
.1" shorting jumper1Digi-KeyS9002-ND
shrink tubing, 3/32" x 1/2"2Digi-KeyFP332K-R50-ND
cable tie1Jameco126543
velcro, 1/2" x 2" loop, adhesive-back1McMaster-Carr9273K173
mounting square (double-stick square)2Make An Impression 
6-32 x 1.5" standoff (F-F 1/4" OD)3McMaster-Carr91780A337
4-40 x 1" standoff (F-F 1/4" OD)4McMaster-Carr91780A167
4-40 x 1/2" standoff (F-F 3/16" OD)4Digi-Key1893K
4-40 x 1/4" round standoff (F-F 1/4" OD)2Digi-Key3478K
6-32 x 3/8" machine screw6McMaster-Carr90272A146
4-40 x 1" machine screw1McMaster-Carr90272A115
4-40 x 1/2" machine screw4Digi-KeyH346
4-40 x 1/4" machine screw18McMaster-Carr90272A106
2-56 x 1" machine screw4McMaster-Carr91772A086
small wood screw (in motor if not here)2  
4-40 nut5McMaster-Carr90480A005
2-56 nut4McMaster-Carr90480A003
#4 flat washer8McMaster-Carr92141A005
#4 lock washer2McMaster-Carr91113A005
#2 lock washer8McMaster-Carr91113A003
Solarbotics GM8 motor2SolarboticsGM8PW
rubber band (for wheel)4  
Tamiya ball caster (pair)1Pololu0066
battery holder1Jameco216215
velcro, 1/2" x 16" strap1McMaster-Carr94905K33
4-conductor cable, 3'1Jameco31860
10-conductor ribbon cable, 3'1Jameco135538
insulated copper wire, 7"2McMaster-Carr8073K64

Optional Booster Kit

There is an optional "booster kit" available for Level 1.

ARC Board Connection Kit

These items can be used to terminate sensor wires and align them in housings for easy connection to the board sockets. The default kit has wires tinned and inserted directly into the sockets.

ItemQtyVendorPart Number
1x3 .1" pin housing2Jameco157382
1x4 .1" pin housing3Jameco100802
M crimp pins20Jameco145357

SRS Robot Level 1 Data Sheets

The following links are for data sheets for components in the Level 1 Kit.