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The Seattle Robotics Society offers robot kits and a series of related workshop sessions to explore robot design, construction, and programming.

level 1 robot
Level 1 Robot

The Level 1 Kit provides an affordable mobile robot platform that is appropriate for beginners. In addition, it is designed with expansion capabilities that make it a good test/development platform for intermediate roboticists.

The Level 1 Workshop sessions are designed around building a robot from the Level 1 Kit components and learning how to program the robot. Workshop sessions for Level 2 and Level 3 will cover advanced topics of interest to more experienced robot builders. Please see the Workshop Topics below for details.

The picture on the left shows an assembled Level 1 kit. The robot chassis is approximately 6" square, and is designed to hold a variety of sensors, LCD display, and breadboard for experimentation.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit, please see the Kit Purchasing page for information on pricing and availability.

If you have questions, please email WorkshopRobot.

Workshop Topics and Registration

The workshops are grouped into Levels, each of which spans several workshop sessions and accomplishes a goal or explores a topic.

Please see the Workshop Schedule and Registration page for details on the dates and registering to attend workshops.

Level 1

In this unit, participants will build the robot platform, learn how to program the Atmel ATmega16 AVR microcontroller to control motors and read sensors, and explore algorithms for more complex robot behavior. See the Level 1 page for more information.

The kit for this level includes a microprocessor control board, light sensors, bump sensors, chassis, motors, wheels, and caster. See the Level 1 Parts List for more information.

Level 2

In this unit, participants will learn about circuit design and explore programming in C++. Circuit design will include wiring LEDs, pushbuttons, and ICs. Programming will include algorithms for controlling an LCD and processing input from the distance sensors. See the Level 2 page for more information.

The kit for this level includes a breadboard, pushbuttons, LEDs, distance sensors, and an LCD. See the Level 2 Parts List for more information.

Level 3

This unit's topic is "navigation." A variety of more advanced sensors and programming techniques are available at this level.

The parts for this level include (distance) encoders, sonar, compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer. Participants should purchase the item(s) of interest; the workshop will be custom-tailored to the interests of the attendees.

See the Level 3 page for more information.