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Page last updated: 6/17/2019

Commentary by S.D. Kaehler

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Meeting Pictures on Google Photos.

6/15/19: This month's meeting had a turnout of about 30 people. The meeting was facilitated by Steve Kaehler. We met downstairs at the FIRST Fieldhouse warehouse.

The usual slides were presented but no video this month due to time contraints.

SRS Polo shirts are available at meetings for $30 (card, cash, or check). See Jim K. or Lloyd M. during the break or after the meeting if you would like to purchase one (or more).

Club Business

  • Alternatives to Pres. for 2nd half of meetings? (looking for other ideas)
  • Alternate 1st Floor Venue Jan-Apr/May? (more ADA friendly)
  • Need Other Backup Meeting Leaders
  • Seattle Christian School - Looking for Robot Teacher/Volunteer.
  • Alternate After-meeting Activities? (workshops are lightly attended)
  • Open BoD positions (VP or Secretary)


Meeting Pictures on Google Photos. The following people shared something with the group:

  • Wil showed us....details coming soon.
  • Jim Lake showed us....details coming soon.
  • Greg Schumacher showed us....details coming soon.
  • Jim Wright showed us....details coming soon.

Feature Presentation

    Our program presenter was Steve Kaehler who facilitated a discussion about drones and UAVs. The presentation slides and slide notes are available at their respective links.

The Workshop

    The afternoon workshop was attended by three of beside Dick Curtiss. He lead "Programming 101" class next month so bring your kit and a laptop. Visit the Workshops page for details including the downloads.

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