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The Seattle Robotics Society was formed in 1982 to serve those interested in building robots and associated technologies. We are a non-profit corporation consisting of a diverse group of technologists and tinkerers. Our collective passion is learning about robots through education and freely sharing our skills and knowledge with our community through meetings, workshops, contests, outreach events, online, and mentoring.

See the SRS Programs page for information on the activities that the SRS does to help promote robotics.

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We will be doing ONLINE meetings using Microsoft Teams for the time being. See the specific meeting announcements below for the meeting link and other details.

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  • Check the "Special Events" page for new items of interest to SRS members. It will have links to specific events as well as online calendars. Please let me know (below) if there are items to be added.
  • Check out the "paper Encoder issues" from the early 90's scanned to PDF and added to the Encoder. SRS YouTube video links to various contests and events are inserted amongst the meeting notes. If you come across any not included, email (below) me the link(s).
  • Check out the "Useful Links" page of robotics resources. If you come across something not included, email (below) me the link(s).

It's always a good idea to check this page before meetings in case inclement weather or something unexpected forces a cancellation or a change of venue. Check here within 24 hours of the meeting (Friday morning) to catch any last minute changes. A nasty forecast would probably cancel the meeting, however if it looks okay through the weekend, things will happen as planned but nasty weather near the meeting time could postpone this month's presenter, so thank you for being flexible.

We share the regular meeting facility with FIRST Washington, and so sometimes (rarely) might have to meet at an alternate location (we hope nearby) or ONLINE in the event of a venue conflict. There might be FIRST activities happening at the facility at the same time as our meeting. If it can handle the number of people, we meet as usual, otherwise details will be posted below as soon as possible, along with our Meetup page, our Facebook page, and the club email lists with instructions.

  • If you haven't been to one of our meetings for a while, we now normally meet at the FIRST Washington Fieldhouse at 21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA (as of January 2017) unless otherwise noted below.
  • Signs at the front door of the building will direct you either upstairs to the conference room or straight through the building to the warehouse, or a sign in the window will provide details of the alternate meeting location should you miss the advance announcements.
  • Meetings are usually followed by an afternoon robot workshop session (until ~4 p.m.) where we'll help people build and program the Parallax Arduino UNO Robot kit or the Propeller Activitybot kit or assist as we can with other projects. Bring yours, a project to work on, questions to ask, or be a resource for others and hang out with us. Sometimes we host one or more Robothon contests providing a great way to competitvely pit your robot(s) against others in friendly battles to the death prior to the public Robothon events.

  • Contact the SRS: SeattleRoboticsSociety(at) Please include helpful subject line text.

    Feel free to send us any past meeting pictures you'd like to share to the SRS Gmail above. Include helpful subject line text with the message.

    Upcoming Events

    General Meeting Information

      Our regular meetings normally start at 10am on the third Saturday of each month. Until recently, thanks to responses to COVID-19, our meetings have been pretty consistent and only rarely being cancelled. This last summer has been that rare exception, but we will try to run consistent virtual meetings until in-person meetings can be restarted. If there is sufficient interest, we may continue virtual meetings along side the in-person meetings.

      See the announcements below, on our Facebook page, Meetup page, Yahoo Group, and list. See the meetings page for details on the normal location and directions, and the announcements below for special location information if applicable. The "Events" section on the SRS Facebook page has the typical meeting agendas. The planned presentations for upcoming meetings appear below. The Past Presentations page is an archive of presenters including their slides if they were provided.

    Presentations & Events Coming

    December 19th
    • The meeting will happen ONLINE via Microsoft Teams at 10AM PST (the usual time). Check back here for details.
    • Geoff Harmon, Sr. Applications Engineer at MagnaDrive, will present "A Beginner’s Experience Building An Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Ultra –Wide Band 3d positioning".
    • A Virtual SRS Robot workshop will follow the meeting. Workshop Host: SDK.
    January 16th
    • The meeting will happen ONLINE via Microsoft Teams at 10AM PST (the usual time). Check back here for details.
    • A virtual mini sumo contest will follow the regular meeting. Look for information on the Robothon website in the coming weeks explaining how this will be done.
    • No workshop is planned for this month due to the mini sumo competition.
    February 20th
    • The meeting will probably happen ONLINE using Microsoft Teams. Check here for details closer to the meeting date.
    • Professor Houssam Abbas, of Oregon State University, will share about autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars and planes are in our future. What are we doing to make them safe? Assistant Professor Houssam Abbas uses tiny race cars to test autonomous driving systems.
    • A Virtual SRS Robot workshop will follow the meeting. Workshop Host: SDK.
    March 20th
    • The meeting will probably happen ONLINE using Microsoft Teams or it may happen at 21238 68th Ave South, Kent, WA. Check here for details closer to the meeting date.
    • This slot is available for a presentation (*). Discuss possibilities with Steve Kaehler.
    • An SRS Robot workshop will follow the meeting. Workshop Host: TBD.
    April 17th May 15th June 19th July 17th August 2st September 18th (*) Contact Steve Kaehler at SeattleRoboticsRobotics(at), Subject: "Presentation", if you are interested in presenting or have contact info for someone who is. Feel free to invite people to present but let me arrange scheduling.

    Monday Night Chat

    The Seattle Robotics Society hosts a "Monday Night Chat" each week. Official time is 7 - 9 p.m. Pacific Time, but people are often around outside this timeframe as well. Details are on the Contact Us page.